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This Self Assessment Can Help You if...

  • You have SOPs - but they still live in your head (making it difficult for anyone to help take things off your plate!)

  • You want to delegate, but don't want to become a micromanager

  • You are trying to decide what comes first - hiring someone or getting processes in place

  • You don’t want to slow down the business coming in, but know you can’t sustain what you're currently doing

  • You know you can make money, you are bringing in consistent money/revenue… but you're still constantly feeling broke!

  • You need clarity and confidence to start taking massive action to reach your goals

  • You're ready to take your business to the next level, but you're unsure what to do next

You'll Gain Clarity On


From SOPs, Project management, communication and processes - This assessment will help you figure out what to prioritize!


This assessment will help you determine if you have the right people and the proper communication with your people.


Determine what you can cut and where to increase profits so that you how to make money more consistently.

Meet Anne, Founder of Hilltop Operations

Anne Hill

Certified Director of Operations. Business owner. Wife. Mother

I started this business for the same reason you did – full ownership over my life and how I spend it. So I took my experience building processes, teams and businesses in the healthcare space and started my own.

While I started as a Physical Therapist and Rehab Manager, I now spend my days rehabbing and restoring businesses. I help people feel less pain and more joy as an entrepreneur. (Isn’t it funny how life can take a turn, only to come full circle again?)

For the last 10 years, I’ve helped entrepreneurs like you set your business up for success by building teams and processes that work…even when you’re not around.

I help business owners create find clarity and gain confidence in their business decisions through creating realistic SOPs, hiring the right team members, and figuring out how the heck to build the business of their dreams - so they can step away – whether it’s for a morning off or desperately-needed family vacation.

Are you ready to gain the insights and confidence you need to make your next move for your business? Let's Go!

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